Press ReleaseTimberwise acquire Parla to become only Parquet Manufacturer in Finland

November 22, 20190

Parquet manufacturer Timberwise has acquired Parla Floor Oy’s business, contract signed on October 28. This acquisition means that Timberwise is now the only Finnish parquet manufacturer and can now serve an even wider range of clientele. Timberwise wants to cherish Finnish woodworking talent and keep the company’s production in Finland in the future.

From 1999 onwards, Timberwise has focused on developing its one-strip parquet manufacturing process and quality. Now, the company is expanding its business by acquiring Parla Floor, which manufactures one-strip as well as a three-strip parquet.

“There has been a clear trend during the last few years – Finnish companies have moved woodworking functions abroad or terminated production completely. We want to go against the grain and make sure that there will be woodworking jobs in Finland in the future as well. High automation level and top-quality products play an important role in ensuring our competitiveness and maintaining manufacturing in Finland,” explains Timberwise’s CEO Markku Mäkitalo.

After the acquisition, Olavi Räsänen Oy, Parla Floor will quit their parquet business and focus on the group’s other functions, such as Savopak Oy’s packaging production, as well as real estate management and renting. With the acquisition, Timberwise will become the only domestic parquet manufacturer in Finland.

“Parla Floor has over 50 years of experience as a parquet manufacturer. We are very glad that our company will strengthen with their experience, know-how and production equipment. With the acquisition we can expand our clientele, respond even better to project-specific product entities and ensure that customers in Finland, as well as abroad, can purchase Finnish Parla parquet floor,” continues Mäkitalo.

Timberwise manufactures quality plank parquet from oak, ash and larch tree. Timberwise parquet is 100% wood from top to bottom. The wood that the company uses comes from PEFC and FSC certified forests. Over the past few years, Timberwise has become an internationally known brand. Out of the company’s €12 million revenue, exports (the main markets being in Asia and Scandinavia) account for over 50%. The company is aiming to make sure that it’s export share stays on the same level after the acquisition. In addition, Timberwise is seeking a revenue of over €20 million for the current year, beginning August.


Source Site: Timberwise


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