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Antiviral Films
Antiviral Films
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Antiviral Films

Antiviral films reduce the risk of a multitude of viruses and bacteria, including the SARS-COV-2 virus, spreading via almost every type of surface. Their long-term effectiveness makes our films one of the most powerful components in a hygiene solution.

Our films antibacterial and antiviral effect work on a multitude of different contact areas. Anywhere that people congregate, share objects and touch surfaces our films help to support a more hygienic surface and contribute to an improved level of protection against pathogens.
For instance at school, on the factory floor, public transport, in the food industry, canteen, office kitchen, or on your own staircase at home.

Protection Films

POLIFILM PROTECTION offers a wide and varied range of over 500 highly developed protection films. Our specifically engineered components allow customized solutions for individual surface protection needs. Polyethylene is used as the primary raw material for this type of protection film. However, for more specialized applications, other polyolefins, polyester, or barrier films can be used as the carrier material.

Our cast co-extruded protective films use specialized components to create the adhesion properties, these can include TPOs, TPEs, and MPEs. For other customer-specific requirements, our POLIFILM PROTECTION product development team will create the right individual solution.

Technical Films

Delivering top-quality solutions for a very wide range of applications. The film can be found as sealant film, e.g. in packing foodstuffs, packing for animal feed, coffee or products for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors; label film, such as labels for cosmetics, personal hygiene, and detergent industries as well as carrier film for coating applications. "Technical Films" unit sets the highest standards for quality, innovation, and customer service. The films are characterized by even profile distribution, narrow thickness and width tolerance, and good flatness. With these qualities, customers attain excellent benefits during further processing.

Packaging Films

Packaging films are suitable for numerous industrial branches and sectors, e.g. as part of load unit securing in the beverage industry or as secondary packaging in the hygiene industry, e.g. for toilet paper. Further typical applications are dust and dirt protection for bulky goods, such as mattresses and slatted frames, or packing in the shipping and logistics sectors, e.g. as padded envelopes for direct mailing or cargo films for air freight.

Agricultural Films

Agricultural films have been designed to attain the highest level of protection for silage. Some examples of use are in bunker silos or for baled silage. Using POLIFILM agricultural films here significantly and demonstrably reduces rotting.

Delivering customers with optimal formulas for select applications. The perpetual development of our products leads to continuously less complicated and more effective handling. At the same time, targeted improvement processes offer sustainable support of increased silage yield.

Stretch Films

Stretch Films are sourced in Germany for practically any application - from clean dust covers to reliable load restraining. Forming load units with the stretch film is currently the most effective and economical packing solution. POLIFILM stretch film has been tested for load unit safety in accordance with DIN Standard DIN EN 12195-1 and VDI 2700 (Load Safety in Road Vehicles) and provides excellent pallet security during transport thanks to its excellent retention force.

Our perpetual quality control and management are based on the latest testing standards and with the most modern testing technologies.

Construction Films

Offering solutions for every field of application, whether mono films, coextruded multi-layer films, or films based on complex individualized formulas. POLIFILM films have an outstanding reputation and it is not for nothing that they have been used in roofing for over 40 years, as an example.

Construction films are characterized by a long lifespan in many windproofing systems. They are very easy to process and very strong. Their adhesive properties are also excellent with all common types of tape.

Assembling Films

Assembling films of all kinds such as hoods, rubbish bags, and sacks provide reliable protection against germs – hygienic, practical, and with almost unlimited possibilities for both private and municipal use. As cover sheeting, it provides reliable protection against contamination, dust or damage. All standard products are supplied with auxiliary materials and packaging materials according to how they will be used.

The entire range of rubbish sacks is perforated for separation, wrapped onto rolls, secured with a sleeve, and delivered in the boxes.

Automotive Solutions

As an OEM partner and a trusted provider to the automotive industry, POLIFILM Automotive focuses on what we do best: temporary protection solutions for automotive applications. With our unique mix of products consisting of the protective film and textile solutions for interior and exterior applications, we are able to offer you the optimum solution for any requirement.