UPM Profi

UPM Profi Composite Decking
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Durable Outdoor PPC

Extremely durable decking made from recycling paper and plastic components. The composite has proven highly durable and humidity-resistant. The product does not need any extra surface treatment. UPM ProFi has a natural, almost soft feel to it.

Designed in Finland

The UPM ProFi range seeks to be the best decking available. Designed in Finland, UPM ProFi provides a choice of style and consistency in performance. With its clean design, UPM ProFi Deck offers a fresh and modern alternative to traditional decking.

All UPM ProFi decking choices benefit from double protection: a stain-resistant surface and an ultra-durable core that will remain structurally sound whether built on the ground, in the ground, or even underwater.

Easy to clean, Non-Slip

Compared to other products, liquid splashes (such as oil) on the UPM Profi surface are easy to clean and are not absorbed by the boards. Thanks to the durable friction surface, the UPM ProFi Deck is not slippery even when wet.