Plywood value created EN

Sustainable WISA plywood

Extremely strong, stiff and durable plywood manufactured in Finland by a single manufacturer, UPM Plywood, to meet your needs of Building and Construction. Be it wall, floor or roof, we have a ready solution for each of your requirements.

Competent product design

Requirement of extra tough plywood increases when you would like to you it on the floors of a truck, trailer or refrigerated bodies. We have designed extra durable, non-slip flooring material with wide range of sizes and customized panels that saves both time and money.

Reliable WISA Plywood

UPM is the leading supplier of special birch plywood for LNG carriers incorporating membrane type cargo containment systems. The impressive reference list of over 180 vessels reflects our knowledge and expertise, but also our commitment to this niche sector.
For Floors, Walls and Roofs
Vehicle Floors:
For LCV, Trailers, Trucks & Refrigerated Containers
For Upholstered Furniture, Veneering and Laminating Industry
For Backface Veneer, Core Material and End Reinforcing
LNG Ships:
For NO 96 and Mark III LNG Carriers