Solid Surface

Solid Surface Countertops

Elite Colors & Designs

Solid Surface will make all your design aspirations come true. Solid Surface not only comes up with innovative color palette but it also offers varied stunning designs that give implausible versatility to your designs.
Solid Surface for Living Room

Non Porous

Solid surfaces are commonly non-porous as they don’t allow bacteria to settle on the surface. It is also resistant to stain and water. Moreover, the non-porous nature of the Solid Surface means that they are easy to maintain and clean.


Imagination and visualization are two concepts which makes a unique dazzling space. To create a curve into design you can count on Solid Surface. Solid surface converts your imagination into reality. It can be thermoformed into various shapes that gives perfect rounded edges.


Solid Surface offers translucent colors that add beauty to your interiors. This is the most appealing feature and gives an aesthetic look. The colors are magnificent in and of themselves, yet have even more intense effect when backlit.

NSF 51 Certified

NSF 51 is a standard benchmark and the Solid Surface is certified with Green Guard and NSF 51. This certifies that it is safe for all types of food management, serving and preparation in both residential and commercial applications.
Solid Surface in Hospitals