Pine Deck


Finland's beauty

Our pine wood decking is sourced exclusively from certified and sustainable forestry of Finland. We match all technicalities related to water, termite and UV radiation to provide you the best quality of Decks for your outdoors

Technically Superior

Our decking is impregnated in Finland after the Kiln drying treatment. Impregnation is done using Environment friendly wood preservatives that makes every piece of deck more durable and resistant to harshest weather conditions.

Compliments Wooden Pergolas

Wooden deck blends perfectly with pergolas and gives a sense of warmth. Moreover, it is resistant to scratches so you may put cane or any other outdoor furniture on top of the deck for relaxation.

Dressed for Pools

Of course, one walks barefoot near Swimming pools. So, lets use something that's less slippery than tiles and less warm than marble or any other stone. We have designed our decks in such a way that it blends with your foot while you walk barefoot on it.

Fab for Cladding

As a cladding options, it gives contrast to the mundane light (cream) color paint used in the facade these days. Not only this, it also adds as a barrier between sunlight and your wall. Due to this, your home stays cooler even on hot summer days.
3600/3900/4200 mm
95/120 mm
28 mm
Class NTR-A (EN 351)