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Lifecycle by UPM is manufactured in USA and has the same Luxurious look and feel as a real hardwood deck, and yet will keep its looks year after year with minimal maintenance. All the boards feature natural looking streaks and veins, making each deck a unique living surface. Whilst Lifecycle by UPM offers all the beauty of a hardwood deck, it does so in an ecologically sustainable manner. 95 % of the materials used to manufacture the boards are recycled, including the oak fibres and plastic polymers. Giving these high quality materials a second life reduces landfill and waste incineration. No PVC is used in the manufacture of Lifecycle by UPM, and the material is itself fully recyclable.

Technical Specifications

Length 4000 mm
Width 137 mm
Thickness 25 mm
Surface Brushed
Edges Curved


Rain Dance Floor Swimming Pool Deck
Balcony Floors Bathroom Floors
Terrace Garden  


High Quality Surface Recycled Deck - Best for the environment
Maintenance free product Splinter-free and Warm to touch

Colour shades available:

Desert Sand