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We Are Shinning On Woods

1. What all wood products are available with Anika? Is the wood supplied by us Certified? What is the source?

Anika deals in pine and spruce wood which is sourced from PEFC and FSC Certified forestry of Finland. In Finland, our principals are active in wood business from last many generations. They have best in class facility and state of the art machinery to manufacture the best quality wood for your home.

2. What is a pergola?

A pergola is a structure made up of wood. It is generally open to sky and can be made at terrace, garden, balcony, near a swimming pool or any where suitable in landscaping. It is generally meant to give a beautiful seating place in exteriors. More information about pergolas can be extracted from : Pergolas Section

3. Can a pergola be customized? Who designs pergolas? What all is required to design a pergola?

Although we are importing pre-fabricated from Finland but the designing of pergola is highly customized. It means that the product dimensions cannot be modified but design of a pergola can be customized according to your needs, specifications, taste and budget.

We have our in-house designers who are well qualified to prepare a 3D drawing of a pergola according to your taste and liking. Our representative will show you 3 design options for every pergola to give you a glimpse of how it would look like. Moreover you may click here to see some of the 3D designs for your reference.

To design your pergola we would request you to please send us 5-6 high resolutions images of your area alongwith its dimensions or you may book an appointment with our representative by filling up this form Book an Appointment

4. What all colors can be applied on Exterior products?

At present, we are offering 4 different color variants in the market viz Teak, Mahogany, Walnut and Rosewood. It's a water repellant and weather resistant decorative wood protection product based on a special Alkyd Resin and organic solvents. It helps to enhance the natural beauty of the wood while providing good protection against sunlight, rain, blue stain and mould growth.

5. How much time does it take for installation of pergola?

Generally it takes a week to construct a 10x10 pergola along with decking. But it may vary from design to design or area to area.

Firstly, we need to be sure whether a particular kind of pergola can be installed in your field area or some modification is required. Secondly, we need to be extremely confident about the civil work. Although civil work doesn't fall under our area of expertise, but still, we need to have a leveled floor to construct a pergola so it doesn't harm your surroundings at a later stage.

Another factor is availability of labor. We have ample labor available with our fabricators but at times it becomes difficult to arrange on a short notice. So, kindly consider this factor when ordering for a pergola.

6. How one should maintain a pergola, cladding or decking?

Just like any other product installed in exteriors, our wood also needs proper maintenance. It is a very simple procedure actually, whenever you feel that your wood is getting faded, kindly give us a call and we will re-oil it for a very minimal charge.

Generally, wood starts fading after 11?2 to 2 years. If we don't oil it then it will tend to turn grey in color. So it is recommended to get it oiled after every 2 years.

7. What all accessories are required to build a pergola with deckwood?

Proper installation of pergola is equally important as the design. There are a lot of materials that are used in construction of a pergola which you may buy from us or any third party. We request you to kindly download our installation manual for the same.

8. What all can I install pinewood decking?

Exterior deckwood has number of end uses. It can be installed as Exterior Walls, Bathroom Walls, Balcony Railings, False Ceiling, Exterior Gates, Roof Top Restaurants, Terrace Garden, Bathrooms Floors, Balcony Floors, Swimming Pool Deck, Rain Dance Floor or Garden Passage.

9. Can a pergola be covered from top with Glass, Acrylic sheet or Fiber sheet?

We request you please let our representative know in advance, if you would like to cover your pergola with glass/acrylic sheet or fiber sheet. We need to give adequate slope, enabling water to run towards drainage. This factor needs to be kept in advance so that no changes are required at a later stage.

10. Are Anika's products recyclable?

Committed with our highly strict guidelines, we are sourcing raw material and prefabricated products from certified forestry only. Furthermore, all our products are completely recyclable and environment friendly.

Moreover, our principals follow stringent norms to fulfill their obligation to provide best quality product for Indian market. So, be rest assured that your purchasing completely recyclable material for your end use application.

11. Further questions

If you have any further question, please mark a mail to or click here to book an appointment with our representative.